A thousand words (2012) Movie review – Eddie Murphy needs to retire

I was once a huge Eddie Murphy fan,remember the brilliantly funny… Coming to America,Trading places,Beverly Hills cop,Golden Child,48Hours!

Well these movies are just a distant memory,I can only imagine that in between takes,Eddie runs into his trailer kicking and screaming until its time to move onto the next scene.

This movie made me want to cry many times,Eddie starts off this movie like he’s on crack,its like the Eddie of old has been forced to show up on set,if the eyes are the windows to the soul,then Eddie’s soul is saying,No more please,why don’t I retire before I make anymore trashy movies.

In the movie Eddy gradually loses his life each time he speaks,its funny how life imitates art.




6 thoughts on “A thousand words (2012) Movie review – Eddie Murphy needs to retire”

  1. Would you say this one was better or worse than Norbit? Norbit is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Eddie sure has lost his touch.

  2. Why bother with him, I give up on him years ago. Trading places, Beverley hills cop 1&2 and 48hrs 1&2, that’s was it for Murphy. The Golden child and coming to America was the start of his poor choice in films. I think he thought he could just show up and every think would turn to gold. He turned into a children’s entertainer over night, but even the children think he’s shit. Soon those great movies I mentioned will not hold up against him, he will end up on one of the worst actors scrap heap.

  3. I use to love Eddie Murphy in his movies, I haven’t seen A Thousand Words but I just rented it on Blockbuster @Home in Blu-ray so I am excited to watch it when it comes in the mail. A lot of my Dish co-workers that have seen it said it was pretty good, they said there was a message in it. I’ll let you know what I think about it when I watch it.

  4. Well I have just met a group of people who loved Jack and Gill,I suppose everyone is different,this tacky crap might be enjoyable for some people but not for me

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