Jeff who lives at home (2012) Movie review – I fell asleep three times…

My co blogger Yappy has just given this film a rave review,I can only disagree with him.

Jeff(Jason Segel), plays a loser who sponges off his brother,normally Segal plays the funny and wacky character(Getting over Sarah Marshall) Jeff is a dull,depressing man who never smiles and never really gets out of first gear throughout the movie.

Ed Helms (Hangover) has some funny dialogue at points,but he is basically the guy from Hangover,the only difference is the fact he suspects his wife is having an affair and is filled with ego and paranoia.

As mentioned in the title,I fell asleep three times trying to watch this movie,I tried on three separate occasions,if you have problems sleeping, try this movie,if you enjoy good movies,DONT!



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