Jeff, Who Lives at home: Movie Review

I didn’t have too much hope going into this movie, it looked like another one of  the average run of the mill splurges we get nowadays .  Running short on time  I sore this was only 81 minutes long and thought what have I got to lose?

Tell you what? I lost absolutely nothing and gained a new admiration for the writers and directors, The Duplass Brothers. They came up with a very sweet and sincere script, the plot was  quiet unique.

It follow Jeff  (Jason Segal) who still lives at home in his Moms (Susan Sarandon) basement. Jeff is sat in his basement getting stoned when he gets 2 phone calls back to back. 1 from some random guy asking for someone called Kevin and another from his Mom asking him to fix the wooden blind in the kitchen. Perplex by the Kevin call, he goes about trying to crack the code that he thinks  is a secret puzzle.

On his travels he is joined by his mildly more successfully brother (Ed Helms) who is going through a mid-life crises and a suspected marriage break up. The last thing he need today is to be looking after his job less stoner brother. Pat on the off-chance catches his wife with another guy, suspicion gets the best of him. He and his brother follow them around to see whats going on?

After 10 minutes this movie had my imagination after 20 it had my attention. It’s such a simple and successful formula when you get it right. It’s not a belly laughing comedy, I don’t think its meant to be. It’s just a happy-go-lucky comedy with characters that blend sweetly together.

I’m definitely checking back catalogue of the Duplass Brothers earlier work.




One thought on “Jeff, Who Lives at home: Movie Review”

  1. This movie was alright. I could have done without the mother’s gay secret admirer. Something else could have gotten her to that accident scene, or she didn’t have to be there at all. It could have just been about the brothers. Glad the writers didn’t take the story to Jeff getting a job from Kevin.

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