England fight like Rocky – Italy beat England on pens – Euro 2012

I now know how Adrian must have felt when Rocky was getting his face pounded in by Creed and Drago,last nights England performance v the Italians was reminiscent of that iconic film.

England had a respectable twenty minutes in the first half,but apart from that the Italians were skipping around the pitch like they were in light training.

If there is a positive to come out of this game for England,its possibly that we have one of the best defences in the world,we conceded 64% of the possession,every time the Italian shot,there was a three lions boot in the way.

On the down side,England struggled to keep hold of the ball,and a five yard pass turned into a farce each time they tried one.

Rooney was disappointing,I wish people would accept that he is a good player and not a world beater.

For the future,England need to rely purely on youth,and be planning for the next ten years,not the next world cup,out should go Gerrard,Lampard and Terry,they are good players but its time to move on…

2 thoughts on “England fight like Rocky – Italy beat England on pens – Euro 2012”

  1. As badly as we played all tournament, I still think we overachieved just by winning the group and now I am a lot more optimistic about the next world cup than I was before this tournament started

  2. I liked the fact that we were hard to beat,we are badly missing a scholes / Gazza type players… I pray some break into the team by the time we get to Rio… Bring on the start of the Premier league!

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