Being Flynn (2012) Movie review – Great performances,average script!

This movie has two of my favourite actors,Robert De niro and Paul Dano(Little Miss sunshine),its very rare now days that you get two deep outstanding actors who are cast in an interesting,original screen play.

The story is based around a father and son who live apart,this true story is more about their seperate lives rather than their non existent relationship.

When ever fate forces these two together the end result is never simple.There are flashes of brilliance throughout this flick,De niro and Dano compliment each other,but the subject becomes tiresome after a while,the pace of the first half of the film was exciting and gripping,but as you get over the half way point the director takes his foot off the gas, to the point that the interest just grounds to a halt,then chugs along to a warm if not average ending.

The editing in this film is outstanding and is matched by a soulful soundtrack by Badly drawn boy(About a boy).Worthy of a watch for the performances alone,it just needed polishing off a bit.




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