Glengarry Glen Ross(1992) Movie review – A mind fuc* of a movie! Superb !

I watched this movie fifteen years after its release,if a movie ever deserves an all round seal of approval,its this one.

A bunch of burn’t out Salesman fight through shit sales leads while being bullied by the Bosses from up above,I don’t think anyone who has not worked in a sales arena would truly understand or appreciate this movie,that might sound patronizing but it really isn’t,when you work in this environment you come across a lot of arsehole managers who think of themselves as the dog who has got all the bones.

These characters are represented in this movie,Al pacino’s sales speech is so well fined,I find myself agreeing with him when he’s trying to rip off some poor sod.

For me,there is only one outstanding star in this movie,Jack Lemmon,no matter how good you are at sales,everyone start’s off at stage were you could not detect buying signals, lack’s confidence,lack’s spirit and also lack the general bullshit that comes out of the average silver tongue Rep’.

Jack’s performance is truly remarkable,if Jack was restricted to use only one of his senses, he would still be a better actor than the majority of stars out there,if he only used his eyes,the sorrow and pain shown in this movie would bring sympathy from the most emotionless of men.

9/10 KO


5 thoughts on “Glengarry Glen Ross(1992) Movie review – A mind fuc* of a movie! Superb !”

  1. We watched this on your recommendation, but couldn’t disagree more. Bored to death! We knew the film would be heavy on dialogue as it was adapted from a play, but there was just too much talk and not enough action. To me, film is a visual medium, therefore, show me, don’t just tell me. Perhaps someone other than the playwright should have written the screenplay.

    There was a lot of talent in this film, but none of them made me care about their character. I turned it off after the burglary.

  2. I have come across many of these characters in my life,the movie depicts sales people and the ability to manipulate.
    If you added action you would have lost the point of film,so we will have to agree to disagree,thanks for your comments.KO

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