Salmon Fishing in the Yemen: it really is about fishing.

OK this was not meant to be about Fishing! So…what were all those fish doing in the movie?

I understand what reviewers were talking about when they say it’s not really about fishing. Of course you couldn’t make a whole movie interesting enough if it was primarily about Salmon Fishing. Don’t get offended here pole handlers, to make a movie interesting enough about fishing you would have to fish without a licence and when the officials show up to see your paper work, you pull a shot-gun and blow them into the drink.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a movie about possibilities out of reach. This is how they try to lay down the story, we know that anything is possible when it comes to the Middle East. Money really can buy anything , “they have a snow park  there for Christ sake”.

“So the Sheikh wants to fly fish in the Yemen and what the Sheikh wants the Sheikh gets”.

Harriet (Blunt) and Dr Alfred Jones (McGregor) are hired by the Sheikh to do the most ridicules of task and create and river in the desert. The British Government don’t miss the chance to jump on ship and show the public it’s not all doom and gloom in the Middle East.

Plans don’t go swimmingly (no pun intended), as the locals  in Yemen don’t agrees with the Sheikh’s vision.

McGregor character in the movie Mr Jones is married to a real go getter, she is barely at home, this leaves him a little hollow inside. So when Emily blunts  Character approaches him about the idea of creating this idea which he thinks is observed, he slowly puts his whole energy into the project. Harriet’s partner who is in the army is deployed to Afghanistan around the start of this crazed idea, which also leaves her to get deeply involved.

Around four weeks into the project Harriet gets a phone call saying her partner which she only knew for about 3 week previous has gone missing in action. The news hits her hard and Mr Jones is there to pick up the pieces . With his failing marriage and her sudden loss they console in each other.

I was looking forward to the movie, I really enjoy watching Emily Blunt lately, she is not far away from a great role. Unfortunately though this movie did not show how good she is going to become. The movie starts off OK, it looked like it really had momentum. Trouble was is was a marathon for a beginner, half way through it ran out of puff. The little twist felt desperate or just poorly directed because I just didn’t believe the scenario. They bring up the point the Dr Jones was originally form Northern Ireland in the movie? they should have just not said anything, McGregor clearly has a Scottish accent. Poor Ewan always seems to struggle when it comes to accents, he leaves you scratching your head, not his fault here though, like I said they didn’t need to bring it up.

The movie wasn’t great….but it wasn’t dreadful either. A Sunday afternoon Pleaser.




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