Bug: Movie Review (2006) A Kermode Recommendation

This movie was highly rated by Mark Kermode of BBC Radio 5 lives film reviews. On the eve of killer Joe being realised Mark was adamant  this was one of William Friedkin’s Finest pieces of work, “in the last decade or so anyway”.  Mark Kermode is an excellent reviewer and if he like something then the movie will be fondly embraced with praise and admiration, but if he doesn’t like it then this spells trouble for anyone in ear shot of his tyrants of  abuse.

When you watch one of his recommendations theres is this little voice saying ” don’t enjoy this, he’s not always right”. The  fact is though he rarely is wrong. So I was quite looking forward to this movie that total passed me by.

The movie follows Agnes who resides in a Oklahoma motel, right from the start you can tell she has a ton of emotional baggage trailing behind her. She works in a local bar, where one day her friend invites some random guy back to her room to party the night away. The “friend” gets a phone call and has to flee, leaving Peter alone with Agnes. After a few uncomfortable moments alone Agnes gets around Peter’s shyness and they start to bond in some weird desperate way.

Agnes who hates being alone invites Peter to crash on her sofa if he has no place to go. The guy seems harmless enough, if anything it looks like he lacks human contact and not psychopath tendencies.

The next morning Agnes wakes to the smell of fresh coffee, thankful for the company she thanks Peter who she thinks is taking a shower. To her surprise the coffee treat is from her abusive ex, not to surprised on seeing this sleazy thug in front of her, she questions how long he’s been out of jail.

It’s not long before he’s throwing his weight around and knocking her about, when Peter shows up with breakfast, when you think he will save her from this creep he just stands and looks on like some feeble dweeb.

Agnes asks Peter to stay over again, where this time he tells her straight that he will sleep with her, but he’s  not had a woman in a long time.

She leads him into the bedroom, unknowing to Agnes that next time she wakes up things will seem a little odd with Peter.

Not wanting to give too much away of what happens next for those people who are yet to see this movie, but it really gets under your skin. The acting in this movie is excellent, sure they are unlikable characters, that’s what they were asked to portray. Most of the movie is set in this motel room, it gives the impression that its going to be a horror at the start, But it’s not. This was more of a psychological brain fuck, because it’s all set in one room it feels claustrophobic, but this really exhibits  the acting of the characters.

Now I’m looking forward to Killer Joe




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