Down to the bone: Movie Review (2004) A taste of what was to come later

Debra Granik sure must  put her heart and soul into writing these movies, shes turning one around on average about every 6 years. This movie, like Winter bone sure must drain your resources of creativity.

It’s a dark story of a mothers fight against drugs while trying to raise two children and support a full-time job. She makes a clean break, booking her self into rehab for a week to kick-start her rehabilitation. There she makes friends with a care worker who like her was an addict, he tries to help her through her ordeal. Being an addict though she finds the going tough, she gets no help from her husband who uses drugs recreationally himself. Her friendship with the care worker soon turns into another addiction she has to try to control.

The movie is not fast paced at all, don’t expect a cool thyme to drug taking, it’s an insight to how real people deal with real problems. Debra Granik really has a knack of taking you into the characters thought process. The movie has the feel of a documentary, shaky camera actions and it virtually follow Irene everywhere. The scenery is dreary which adds to the sadness of the story. Being her first full length movie you could call it the foundation for what was to come later.




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