Breaking Bad returns for season 5

How exciting is this man, this was a long time coming! I’m quietly passive when it comes to TV, I can take it of leave it. I don’t mind waiting for new seasons to begin. Not this time though, ive been counting the days for breaking bad to start-up again.

If you havent seen this TV programme “what rock have you been sleeping under?”. This blows away anything that shows past and present. They’re some big words to be throwing about when we have been graced with the likes of The Wire, The sopranos, The Sheild, Homelands and the just finished Game of Thrones.

This show electrifies the senses man, everything about it is spot on from top to bottom. The writing, the directing, all the cast, I bet even the lady who makes the tea is a cool ass chick.

I’m not going to relay the first episode for anyone who has not seen yet, real fans I know would have seen it by now and for all those opposed. It’s not a disappointment thank god, it’s gonna be messy. The only let down, is waiting another week for the next ep.

It’s a true



Enjoy bitches



4 thoughts on “Breaking Bad returns for season 5”

  1. Just finished watching,loved it, but got that horrible anxious feeling in my stomach, like when you know a relationship is over and you are making the most of those last sexual encounters as the end approaches.

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