The Veteran (2011)Movie review – Toby Kebbell is the new Pacino but this film sucks!

I loved Tony Kebbell in Rock and Roller,a star was born in my eyes,if you compare his character in that movie to the one he plays in Dead man’s shoes, it truly shows how gifted Kebbell is,that said,one man doesn’t make a football team,and one man does not make a great movie.

(His total time on screen( above) –  3 mins)

The Veteran’s concept was not bad,guy returns from war,gets hired to do some private undercover work, while also dealing with the local scumbag’s on his street corners.


Apart from Kebbell and the Scottish lead,Tony Curran,the rest of the cast cannot act,it feels like a school play at times,that’s how low the level gets,I’m sure the budget was the biggest reason for this, but the movie feels like a beautifully cooked meal,just as you are anticipating the delicious taste, you spot a huge ginger hair growing out of your food,you swap you appetite for anger and wish the cook had decided against putting his hat on that night.

Kebbell, in my opinion is one of the best actors in the business,he has young shoulders but hopefully if his agent can find him the right parts he will soon become a legend!




2 thoughts on “The Veteran (2011)Movie review – Toby Kebbell is the new Pacino but this film sucks!”

  1. The new Pacino! Hopefully he makes better movies for his sake. You can count on three fingers the half decent movies Pacino made.

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