My journey to work…

I wake up with my dreams in shock that I have decided to leave,my sub conscience is telling me to ignore that alarm clock,my bed mentally holds out its pillows and looks more appealing at 6am than at any other time of day,I promise my bed that as soon as I get home,I will jump straight back in, and continue this perfect sleep,never gonna happen,but I still say it to myself most days.

I arrive at the train station,I am surrounded by one hundred people,all of them looking annoyed or tired,as I gaze down the platform I notice 98 of the 100 are all under the power of the Iphone,some playing games,others checking the net,and most, listening to music,the only thing they all have in common is the need to be left in isolation,it seems any social remark or comment must be left exclusively for cyber space.

As I enter the train,I walk directly to the single chairs,I relax and celebrate my small achievement in securing a single chair by sipping my coffee and reading my book,all in the knowledge that no matter how many weirdo’s enter the train,none of them will be talking or fidgeting around me,we enter the next stop…

Everyone sits in silence as a minute passes, a man in the distance is running towards our train,his suitcase is flying through the air,his shirt has fallen out of his trousers as he tries to make it to the door nearest me, the guard blows his whistle to signal the train to leave,mentally I have a bet with myself that the man wont make it,when the door shuts five seconds before he arrives, I laugh on the inside and ignore this irate man who is now swearing at himself and the rest of world around him,I know on a different day that irate man will be me, and some smug cunt will be laughing from behind the glass.



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