Andy Carroll signs for West Ham 30/08/12

I am so excited about this signing,I didn’t honestly think we would get him but now it has been confirmed I am overwhelmed with the proposition of Carroll getting on the end of Matt Jarvis’s crosses.

Everybody knows West ham have adopted the direct approach,if there was one man on the planet that would be the best in this role it has to be Andy Carroll.

A big thank you must go out to David O’Sullivan and David Gold,I think this signing above any others show they are truly backing West ham.


Exam (2009) Movie review – A good ”who is it” movie

I wish they would make more movies like this,it was recommended to me by a fellow blogger It’s a situation movie,meaning the camera stays in one room for the majority of the movie; Not only does this create a need for great writing,it also allows an independent movie maker to keep the budget low without compromising the quality of the film.

Eight characters enter a room to take an exam,after they are given instruction ,it’s up to them to be successful.


All the applicants want a job working for one of the richest men in the world,when the quiz/game kicks off, everyone suspects the other as a plant or just general bad egg.

I can’t say a bad word about the film,it keeps you guessing and was intriguing throughout,my only negative was the casting of Jimi Mistry,I didn’t believe in his character or his acting in this film,he is not a bad actor, but I thought he struggled to play the deep brooding type.



The Philly Kid: Movie Review

Ever since the UFC has become mainstream there has been an influx of movies trying to portray the life of a cage fighter and the different skills they need to possess to be successful. As always like all martial art movies over the years the characters are always down on their luck guys with not much to lose and one big win will turn their life back around and they can live happily ever after. Well don’t get too excited, because we have pretty much more of the same here.

Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s? We had martial art movies coming out on a regular basic. Most of them were like this movie, B movies. They had low budgets, bad acting and rubbish props, but you know what?  I bloody loved them. They were everything I wanted to be when I was 10 years old! So, am I saying you have to be 10 to enjoy this flick? No you don’t, as a B movie martial art goes the acting is not as awful as you may think, sure there wasn’t any memorable dialogue, but the fight scenes were very good, they were not your standard trade for trade knuckle exchanges and fancy flying kicks, it was more for the wrestling and Jujitsu fans.  Is there any future though for these arts in the movies that don’t comprise of a ring? I doubt it very much! It’s hard to transverse these skill into movie choreography that makes it look cool.

The story has been told many times before in some form or other. Go in expecting nothing and you probably will come out feeling the same. That’s better than some of the stuff I’ve seen of late!



TT – Closer to the Edge (2011): Movie/Documentary Review

I have never been so close to the edge of my seat whilst watching a documentary, it actual felt like I’d been actually been riding one of this bikes myself after. It doesn’t pussy foot around, right from the get go the camera angels shows the kind of speed these guys get to while racing this off the chart circuit.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the TT is, it’s a once a year race that pits the nerve and steal of the best thrill seeker motorcyclist from around the world. The Isle of Man’s roads come to a standstill while this event takes place; this event is one of the only few of which track racers get to take their bikes to back breaking speeds on national roads. When I say back breaking, I physically mean back breaking; there is not a year that goes by that someone doesn’t end up dead or one step closer to their maker.

You don’t have to be a petrol head to appreciate this film; the film really gets into the heart and soul of the guys taking part.      After you hear of the dangers of this track and knowing nothing like me about this story, you might just see one of these guys die. The thing is these guys know it too, it’s a scary thought that when you enter the Isle! Someone could be exiting for good in a wooden box.

For non-English, and I mean from the British Isle, you are going to need the subtitle option for watching this movie. There are some very broad accents on show; it takes a trained ear to understand the thick Yorkshire accent.” If you don’t then well done, you’re going to be introduced to a crazy Yorkshire lad by the name of Guy Martin”. Guy is a man’s man. He tells it like it is, he is an eccentric petrol head who only cares for speed and what makes speed, engines. Gift of the gab is used to often for people in sales who can talk twallop all day long, this guy has an answer for everything and it usually is rather amusing.

Need to be watched on a big TV with 5:1 surround sound for full effect, as the visuals are superb.



Sleep tight (2011)Movie review – Outstanding and original

I find myself being enthralled with Spanish and French titles of late,the movies have been good but the biggest reason is a yearning for originality,the american market has so many wooden formats that you are more surprised when you come across a good movie than a bad.

This movie teases you into what is actually going on,it’s a brave move by a director as some might worry about boring the viewer,in my eyes it only increased my intrigue.

The story is about a hotel receptionist and his levels of unhappiness.

The writing is exquisite and the star of the show, Luis Tosar is the Spanish version of Robert De Niro,he has mastered the art of talking with the eyes, and seems intent on taking on diverse roles as previous to this, he played a prisoner in the outstanding Cell 211.



Deadline (2012) Movie review – Such an average movie

The acting is distinctly average and the written dialogue is very unnatural.

A reporter is contacted about a black boy who was murdered 20 years ago,when he goes to investigate he smells a cover up.

The story and the characters are so dull that the writer tries to jam your brain with layers of stories,(1)the boy’s death,(2)the reporters angry fiancée who wants to organise her wedding,(3)the reporters father who is dying of cancer,(4)a rich girl defying her daddy and a(5) town run by a corrupt police department,not forgetting(6) a rape shoved in there for good measure,in the end not one of these stories grip you, and you are stuck in a slow dredge of a movie.

Eric Roberts should have been the lead, instead he is wasted playing an old weird man and we get stuck with a guy(Steve Talley) who has as much charisma as a stuffed donkey.



Our seal of approval movies – let us know if you agree or think we are missing any classics

This page is for the movies that Yappy and myself (KO) whole heartedly agree upon.

The seal of approval meaning that it secures a high rating based on many levels.(Must see movies)

In no particular order  –

Fight Club


Shaun of the Dead

No country for old men


Enter the dragon

Stir crazy


Shawshank redemption

Silence of the lambs



One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Die Hard

The great escape

Life of Brian

Good Will hunting

Stand by me

McVicar (1980) Movie review – Good story but I cant stand Roger Daltrey

I can’t give a valid reason of why I can’t stand Roger Daltrey or The Who,well I’ll try,I find the band’s music blaze and Roger’s acting has less life than a wooden chair.

Back to this story/film and it’s an interesting true story based on John McVicars life,he escaped several times from prison having been convicted of robbery.

The prison surroundings seem remarkably camp,there doesn’t seem to be any real danger and the inmates seem to spend a lot of time dancing in front of the telly,I can’t imagine this being a true reflection of the times.

It’s always nice when you spot a star from hit movies such as Steven Berkoff,(Beverly Hills cop)

He puts in a convincing performance and brings the only real feel of danger to the movie.

I find this movie frustrating,Daltrey is one reason but the other, being the fact that McVicars story becomes very interesting when years later he is released on parole after educating himself inside,he manages to break into a national newspaper and becomes an established reporter,the film decides to omit this and instead just tell you via the credits at the end.



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