Ted:Movie Review – Spoiler free

To be totally honest there is not a great deal to spoil with Ted. The whole story can be told on one side of a business card, while using large lettering. So can Seth MacFarlane transverse from TV animation to the silver screen? Of course he can, because he is using Peter Griffin as his safety blanket. I’m not showing any disrespect to the movie as I found it quiet funny. It was pretty similar humor to the Family Guy, in the way that after a while the jokes wear a bit thin.

Mark Wahlberg for me can be  frustrating at times, deep down i’m rooting for him most of the times, very to often though he lets me down. Here he plays the part well enough. I had my trepidations at first after his last attempt of a comedy with The Good guys, ” don’t worry this is painless compared to that tripe”.

Mila Kunis play the love interest, and like any good love interest in this type of movie who cares if she can act, because she was looking fine.

When I came out I heard the words hilarious being muted.I think some people use these type of words as their go to place because they’re not imaginative enough to respond quickly. The movie was a giggle at best and made me smile at times.




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