The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across The 8th Dimension(1984)- A late night TV treat for the mentally deranged

I was listening to  smoviemaker by Kevin Smith a few days ago. It’s a podcast where he interviews either a director or the cast of a show of time gone by, not always dating back this long ago, he does recent’s as well. There’s a double recommendation for you, if you enjoy finding out the ins and out of a movie then this is a fun podcast.

I’m guessing this is an age thing, the younger generation will find this movie hard going. I feel for the kids being brought up in the CGI world, “why?” Because they missed out on the effort people had to go through to make special effects, sets were intentionally built for a scene, so what you were looking at actually was real interaction and not some actor standing alone in front of a green sheet of paper.

What makes this movie stand the test of time was the directors vision, I can only imagine what people were thinking back then. Maybe what I was thinking the first time I watched the Twelve Monkeys, ” abnormally brilliant”. The actors are  well-known and all put in great shifts. Specially John Lithgow who we have seen over the years play every role and is convincing in most, bad guys, good guys, serious guy and comedy nut job, this guy can to do it all.

Of course it all looks  predated and cheap, I’m guessing the 620k 28 years ago is the equal of a 250 million movie of today. So the tidy profit of 6 million has it up there as a huge success.

Just a nice memory lane of how we used to do shit in the movie world




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