The Office (American version) – Was hoping to hate it, but instead became addicted.

As a Brit I was not looking forward to viewing the ”American Office”

The idea seemed strange,to copy an original comedy from the UK,use the same characters but make the humour slightly more obvious,I watched the first series when it came off and quickly decided it wasn’t for me,the realism seemed lost,and all I ended up doing was comparing the actors and dialogue from the original.

Roll forward how many years and I decided to download from series 5,the show seems completely different,it’s still obvious humour but its wacky with a razor-sharp edge and a big thumping heart beat throughout.

Michael(Steve Carell) is very likable but annoying and self-conscious at the same time.

Dwight(Rainn Wilson) is possibly the funniest character of the bunch,Gareth who played his role in the UK version did not have such an eccentric personality,or such a cruel sense of timing.

As for Will Ferrell,he could make an empty room seem funny.

Overall I think the American version has done well in the fact the UK version stopped after two series,the comparisons stopped and the show had time to grow into something organic.



5 thoughts on “The Office (American version) – Was hoping to hate it, but instead became addicted.”

  1. Definitely great but DEFINITELY should have ended already. It’s almost impossible to compare it to the BBC Office now since it’s really become it’s own show that just happens to take place in an office.

  2. We also saw the British version first and found ourselves comparing actors etc. Couldn’t understand why they just didn’t air the original, especially with the unchanged script, but the American version quickly grew on us. It seems that the magic left with Steve Carell. Gareth would probably have been developed more if there had been another season.

    Not the same for the IT Crowd. The American version was soooooo poorly cast, with the exception of Moss, that I couldn’t watch the entire pilot. We have turned a lot of people on to the original, and they LOVE it. Looking forward to the movie with original cast.

    Now there is going to be an American version of the Misfits (why?) we’ll see how that goes.

    If Americans don’t understand English they can turn up the volume.

  3. I agree with the magic leaving when Steve left,it’s still enjoyable but it kind of feels like the heart has left.

    Not sure why American producers seem so keen to copy everything English,apart from a few exceptions like the Office I dont see the need,saying that I would love to see an American version of Father Ted,just an attempt would be funny!

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