Person of interest review(2012) Would have made 1 good movie,but not enough for a series!


Updated review –

The concept caught my attention and the trailer was fantastic,the weird guy from Lost meet’s the man who plays Jesus christ(Caviezel),together they use the backdrop to Will Smith’s hit,Enemy of the state to solve crime and kills the bad guys.

As mentioned there was probably enough to make one decent film out of this idea,instead each show comes together like a much hyped version of a lot of those detective shows,CSI Miami,New york,LA…….

There are even really cliché moments when Jesus(Caviezel) bend’s down on one knee while talking to a bad guy,he then slowly takes off his shades while delivering a killer line,before walking away to a back drop of a car exploding in the distance.

Another annoying aspect of the show is the fact that the two main leads are supposed to be in the loop with the Big brother technologies,but when they make their away around they constantly refer to each other by name on the phone and don’t seem to care if anyone recognises them when committing a crime,this is all washed over,with… they have power and can get away with anything,so as viewer, please dont think too deeply about the holes in a our story!

The plot in most of the episodes seem very weak,I would imagine more planning went into the making of Jim Caviezels contract than the actual show.




10 thoughts on “Person of interest review(2012) Would have made 1 good movie,but not enough for a series!”

  1. I found your review insulting. How many episodes did you actually watch? The writing and the acting on this show is top notch. The viewer #s have risen with every show. The individual stories have been varied and interesting while building the season long story arc. Like any new show, it has to find it’s legs, the actors have to find their characters. By episode 3, all was found and hit the ground running and never looked back. Yours has been one of the VERY FEW negative reviews I’ve seen. I hope you go back and watch more episodes, I feel certain your opinion will do a complete change and you will find out this is a superb show. Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson compliment each other with their acting styles and their characters.

  2. I am still watching the show,around 5 shows in,I’m not doubting the acting ability,its just the show is limited in my opinion,and I do think its in the same league as the CSI franchise,a crime happens they solve it,and the only thing you know for sure is that the two leads will never get hurt and that things are not want they first seem…. It’s not a terrible show,there is just nothing special about it,I appreciate your views but I can’t agree with them

  3. I am an avid fan of Person of Interest and I also find your review “way off base”…..Your above rebuttal comment to SavhCaro proves as such…Because, the characters do get hurt…It is a crime show..One that has it’s viewers on the edge of their seats, because this world needs heros….This world needs someone to watch out for the little guy..And, Reese and Finch pull it off with style and grace with the help of “The Machine”….another character soon to be revealed……Your reference to Jim’s movie “Passion of the Christ” is also an insult to his acting capabilities…He did several memorable movies way before he did The Passion…..He was “The Count of Monte Cristo” before he was Jesus Christ….What crime show isn’t limited? They all have the same unlying theme….But, we continue to watch, because we enjoy seeing the bad guys get theirs in the end……And, the fan base keeps growing because Jim and Michael are believable and great actors….

  4. So because you are an avid fan I have to be as well ?
    I think the two leads are fantastic actors,this is not in question,I class this show as a modern day Equalizer.
    After watching such shows recently as Breaking bad and the Walking dead,this show doesn’t come close,the writing and general plots are as exciting as an episode of Murder she wrote.

    Sorry guys,I dont like your favourite show,I may be in the minority but If I think the show is crap then I need to be honest.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond to the comments, not many reviewers do that.

    I do hope you will continue to watch the show. The shortcomings that you mentioned are handled in a very satisfactory manner. Like any new show it takes 3-5 episodes for the writers to ‘understand’ the characters and for the actors to ‘become’ their character. Yes, each week does have a different POI, but they do keep you guessing as to if they are the perpetrator or the victim. There are quite a few twists that will surprise you.

    There is a season long arc that flows through the background of each episode that is fully dealt with on 2-3 episodes with a truly kick a$$ season finale. The back stories of the main characters are slowly being revealed in just enough manner to make you want more. Many hints are left through out the season that come to fruition in the finale.

    The humor on this show is exceptional, very low keyed and totally unexpected from two such serious actors/characters.
    Would love to hear your opinion after watching the full season….which I do hope you do.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply to the comments.

  6. As mentioned previously,its not a terrible show,I am half way through the series now,has my opinion changed ? No.

    I dont think it’s the type of show to take seriously,when you compare it to Breaking Bad,Homeland or even the Walking dead this show does not shine a light.

    The show is designed to allow a first time viewer to start watching at espisode 5 and still get the show and enjoy it,there is no depth to the show or any reality,the cop that keeps trying to catch Reece always arrives 5 seconds after he just kills the bad guy,in every show.

    Another thing that bugged me at the start was the fact that this guy Reece was an bum living on the streets drinking his life away,next minute he meets Finch has a shave and the next day he is James Bond…

    The show is watchable and is OK for a bit if fun,but in know way will I be upset when they bring the curtain down.
    Thanks for your response.

  7. Just found these comments again from a couple of months back. Just curious if your opinion has changed in any way since you’ve probably viewed the entire series………..

  8. Not at all,as mentioned in the comments before,its light hearted TV that is not to be taken seriously,if people view it as that then fine,the story is cheesy,the characters are flaky and I have seen more realism in the Simpsons than I have in that show.

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