Bernie (2012) Movie review – Wish I knew it was a true story !

Real mix bag with this movie,I wasn’t aware of the truth behind the movie,if I had been I would have probably enjoyed it more.

The movie is filmed like a semi documentary,there are moments showing Bernie going about his business then back to some fat old hick voicing their opinions.

I found this style of directing quite boring,slow and lazy,if I had an interest in the true crime I might have felt differently but to keep having these people documented into the movie was just an easy and lazy way of telling the story.

Now for my only positive,Jack Black was outstanding as Bernie,we all know how funny and wacky Jack can be,he’s made a living off it(School of Rock,High Fidelity),but in this role he moves through the emotional gears with ease and only leaves you wanting more.

I hope Jack gets to show this other side of his acting in the future,shame about the movie.



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