The Hunger Games: Movie Review- part 2

This review seemed liked it was going to be able to write itself, the reviews I’ve heard were never really glowing and movie fans comments always seemed critical. Most of the criticism is the adaptation from book to screen; of course this is always a problem with this type of project, the diehard fans will never be satisfied. In my opinion this would have been better put across if they did what they did to the Game of Thrones and made it a TV series. They could have got the viewer more involved with the players. The movie felt to long winded, there was no depth at all with the characters. The end of the movie was one of the weakest I’ve witnessed for a while, it was too predictable.

Jennifer Lawrence is very good; I always knew she would carry this movie alone even if it was going to be a failure. She has a great screen presence; I am really looking forward to seeing where her career goes. I’m a big Woddy Harrelson fan, but I think he was miscast in this movie. Also Lenny Kravitz looked out of sorts in his role. To be honest many of the cast looked mistyped, this can only be blamed on the casting director and the director in turn for not seeing this.

It hasn’t given me any desire at all to go out and read the books, so I can only see it as a bit of a stalemate.




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