Wild Bill (2011) Movie review – This movie was trying to be too many things !

Was expecting a paper-thin plot matched with a load of macho wankers,instead I was treated to some fine acting matched with an original story for the first section of the film.

As for negatives,they have these little gangster kids in the movie,aged around ten years old,I’m not saying this is not factual but there is nothing worse than a child actor who cannot act pretending to be a gangster.

As for the conclusion of the film,it was strange,Bill as a character was different,he showed his vulnerability to levels I wasn’t expecting,at the same time his nature didn’t really fit with his background or reputation, which kind of leaves you feeling a little non plus at the end.

You have all the normal gangster actors who have performed in football factory and forth,I know they are supposed to be stupid thugs but I wish just once there was a real reason for these battles,this film is no different,Bill is on their manor, so he need’s to pay the price…. Blah blah blah

Star of the future goes to – Will Poulter,he plays an emotional wreck of a teenager  who is constantly under pressure to keep it together, 10/10 for him in this film.



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