One in the chamber (2012) Movie review – One out of ten

The movie starts with Cuba getting ready for a hit while the director introduces you to the cast in the style of Guy Ritchie’s movie Snatch,a close up is frozen,then a name is pinged on to the screen,this is all going on with no music which just makes it feel weird and cheap.

This is a B movie,possibly C,the only reason it was on my to see list was .. Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr were starring,I would love to see how much they got paid,90% of the time it’s just Russian’s/East Europeans talking hard and doing their best impression of Marlon Brandon.

Dolph’s character is mainly drunk,but I suspect he may have taken part in some daily drinks when faced with this script,he constantly swaps accents throughout the flick and seems unaware of the low standards around him,or just didn’t care.

As for Cuba,I can’t remember the last time he was in a good movie.

This movie is bad.




3 thoughts on “One in the chamber (2012) Movie review – One out of ten”

  1. Where shall we start! You would be better off reviewing Eastenders man, give up on the likes off Cuba and Eddie Murphy! Its not rasist KO, they are shit. Never again will these clowns make a good movie. I would have to be paid in future to review anything they do and that’s never gonna happen, so their dead to me.

  2. You sound like a bitter ex lol,I will avoid for the future,I recently watched Cuba in Judgement night and Dolph in the Expendables,this gave me false hope,I honestly think we could have made a better movie than this…

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