Steve Kean faces sack if Blackburn Rovers lose three in a row

I think if Steve Kean walked into his bosses office and took a dump right in front of him he would still have a job tomorrow,Kean’s lack of qualification for this job knows no bounds,he took a team finishing tenth in the premier league to a team now kicking off their season in the Championship.

The Venkys are the main culprits here,but if your horse is in pain and unable to run anymore,you put it down,the Venkys have been making Kean run out on three legs for the past year.

They have confirmed recently that if Steve loses the first three games they will sack him ? so you they have high standards all of a sudden!

I have never seen a club taken over before by people who seem to have no knowledge of football, or who treat a club with such disrespect,for the sake of the Blackburn fans and football,I sincerely hope the club are sold asap to an investor who has the club at heart.



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