The Kid with a Bike – Le gamin au vélo(2011): Movie Review

The story starts out with Cyril fighting with his counsellor at the care home he is staying at, abandon by his farther he is hell bent on finding where he has fled too.  After much persistence he tracks him down, with the help of the kind hearted Samantha, It’s not too long before he is sent on his way, being told he is no longer wanted and to get on with his life. Samantha does what she can to help Cyril come to terms with his predicament, but Cyril’s emotions are all over the place. He struggles to accept what is happening and does what any 12 year old would do, he rebels. He makes friends with a local no good for nothing and soon finds himself in trouble by the Police. After all the trouble he courses it would be easy for Samantha to just give up in him and send him back to the home, but Samantha sees the good in Cyril and sticks by him.

What you get with The Kid with a Bike is human life is valued differently from eye to eye, his father sees him as a reminder of a time he wants to forget with the woman he used to love. Samantha shows us the beautifulness of strangers, she doesn’t even know Cyril from Adam and she takes it up on herself to help him. It would be easy for her to just walk away and you wouldn’t blame her in the slightest because Cyril is hard to like, he does nothing but course her problems, but she never gives up on him.

This movie is not going to be where the boy’s father has a change of heart and he falls for the beautiful stranger and they all live happily ever after. It’s the real fact of what normally happens in life. It does have a sort of happy ending, just not the conventional type.




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