The Five year engagement (2012)Movie review – A decent date movie

Jason Segel is his likable self once again,he plays the fiancée who has to make some sacrifices,apart from this he is seen once again without a lot of clothes on, and once again having sex to a comic degree.

Chris Pratt plays the brother, he is the ”STIFLER” character in this film,only vulgar or inappropriate comments come from his mouth,but he is genuinely funny.

It’s a nice gooey date movie,some nice laughs here and there,the rest of the films enjoyment is tested upon the likeness of the female lead,Emily Blunt,I find her quite annoying at times,she can act,I just don’t think she is leading lady material in a romantic date movie.

Overall I enjoyed it.



3 thoughts on “The Five year engagement (2012)Movie review – A decent date movie”

  1. 6/10 or 5.5 for me because the guy’s character becomes so hopeless at times and I agree emily blunt, i just cant see her as a leading lady for this kind of role. She’s alright but not your typical romantic lead, I would have liked to see isla fisher or somebody more likeable

  2. I agree it does drag near the end,I put this down to date movies being my least fav’ type of movie,that said there were moments that made me laugh,excluding Emily Blunts scenes…

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