Breaking bad – season 5 – episode dead freight – review – Outstanding in a word is not good enough to describe this show!

I have just finished was watching this episode (Dead freight),I feel like someone has drugged me on a pill that includes symptoms of pure entertainment matched with unique and outstanding creative writing.

Since I have watched season 5 I have enjoyed it but I it hasn’t compared to the other series,I thought maybe the pressure on Vince Gilligan to deliver may have been too much but after witnessing this episode I can see that he was only letting you see the calm before the storm.


Mike start’s off this show by wanting desperately to kill his methlamine provider,when Jessie tries to defend the ladies screams,Mike responds with,and I quote,everybody turns into Meryl Streep when they have a gun at their head!

Fast forward to the train robbery and my mind was set on how they were going to do it,all my guesses were wrong but as they were in the process my anxiety for Mike,Jessie and Walter rose, which only made me realise how much I have come to believe in these characters, I fully tip my cap to these great actors and Vince Gilligan’s mind.



2 thoughts on “Breaking bad – season 5 – episode dead freight – review – Outstanding in a word is not good enough to describe this show!”

  1. Something that was just brought to my attention was that Hank’s several, seemingly casual references to the film, Heat, are not coincidental…

    >Heat on blu-ray
    >a movie about a heist
    >where the robbers bring a new guy
    >who kills someone without permission
    >which starts a chain of events
    >that leads to the downfall of the main character

  2. Nice theory,I think the way the new guy blew that kid away at the end probably plays into this theory.

    I’m think Walts wife will be behind his downfall at the end,she’s got a good motive.

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