The best Nick Cave lyric ?

A few years ago a friend of mine passed the works of Nick Cave my way,my first response was one of dislike,his voice sounded like nothing I had heard or enjoyed in the past.

Then out of nowhere I remember listening to a lyric that just flew into my head and refused to leave,I was so impressed at this poetic sound that I went on a discovery of his works, and found that lyrically and musically Nick Cave is the best kept secret in the business.

Normally people attach themselves to an artist because they had a few catchy songs back in the day,imagine if that band or artist had twenty tracks that expressed a feeling or moment that no one previously had come close to,this is what is so special about the man.

I honestly think that people will only truly appreciate him when he dies,he’s not lacking fans, but if you say the name Nick Cave to the general Joe in the street,it seem’s only the minority are aware of him,the man is a living legend !

The following are lyrics that stood out for me,enjoy !

P.S, I recommend listening with a friend over a bottle over whiskey.

– O’malley’s Bar –

“Neighbours!” I cried, “Friends!” I screamed
I banged my fist upon the bar
“I bear no grudge against you!”
And my dick felt long and hard
“I am the man for which no God waits
But for which the whole world yearns
I’m marked by darkness and by blood
And one thousand powder-burns”

– Far from me –

There is no knowledge but i know it
There’s nothing to learn from that vacant voice
That sails to me across the line
From the ridiculous to the sublime
It’s good to hear you’re doing so well
But really can’t you find somebody else that you can ring and tell
Did you ever
Care for me?
Were you ever
There for me?
So far from me

– fifteen feet of pure white snow –

I waved to my neighbour
My neighbour waved to me
But my neighbour
Is my
I kept waving my arms
Till I could not see
Under fifteen feet of
pure white snow

– Into my arms –

I don’t believe in an interventionist god
But I know, darling, that you do
But if I did I would kneel down and ask him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Not to touch a hair on your head
To leave you as you are
And if he felt he had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms

– Hold on to yourself –

I’m so far away from you
Pacing up and down my room
Does Jesus only love a  man who loses?
I turn on the radio
There’s some cat on the saxophone
Laying down a litany of excuses
There’s madhouse longing in my baby’s  eyes
She rubs the lamp between her thighs
And hopes the genie comes out  singing
She lives in some forgotten song
And moves like she is  zombie-strong
Breathes steady as the pendulum keeps swinging



5 thoughts on “The best Nick Cave lyric ?”

  1. I believe you have missed some of the classics .
    Good write up though

    I would suggest let love in offers some of the finest play on words

    Fear and distruction, loves ugly little twin
    Came a knocking at my door
    I let them in

    Also the offering on nature boy

    Hey boy your looking at me with some unrightchous intentions
    my knees went weak. I couldn’t speak the thoughts that were not in my best intention to mention

  2. ‘Up jumped the Devil’ is my favourite

    O My O My
    What a wretched life
    I was born on the day
    That my poor mother died
    I was cut from her belly
    With a stanley knife
    My daddy did a jig
    With the drunk midwife

    or maybe ‘No more shall we part’

    And no more shall we part
    It will no longer be necessary
    And no more will I say, dear heart
    I am alone and she has left me

    And no more shall we part
    The contracts are drawn up, the ring is locked upon the finger
    And never again will my letters start
    Sadly, or in the depths of winter

    Great article guys 🙂


  3. Thanks,nice to meet another Cave fan.
    I like the Album No more shall we part,fav’ track being –

    – We came along this road –

    I left by the back door
    With my wife’s lover’s smoking gun
    I don’t know what I was hoping for
    I hit the road at a run
    I was your lover
    I was your man
    There never was no other
    I was your friend
    Till we came along this road
    Till we came along this road
    Till we came along this road

  4. Let love in –
    Well I’ve been bound and gagged and I’ve been terrorized
    And I’ve been castrated and I’ve been lobotomized
    But never has my tormenter come in such a cunning disguise

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