Bill Cunningham – New York (2010) Movie review – Very camp,but an interesting man

Bill Cunningham is a 83 year old man who spends his time photographing the rich and famous,and the average fashion conscious girl on the street.

There were moments throughout this movie documentary that I found myself reaching for the off button,it’s a very camp topic,with a very camp tone,I am comfortable with my sexuality but there are only so many fashion show stories I can take in one day.

Bill is surrounded by people who only care about how they look or how they are perceived,which is the mirror opposite to how Mr Cunningham comes across.

I reframed from shutting the Bill Cunningham show prematurely and continued to watch a fascinating man,from dropping out of Harvard to following and sharing a life with the rich and famous fashion icons, he seems to have an inner strength to go through life without owing anyone a penny,or taking a penny at the same time.

I would recommend this documentary, as above anything its beautiful portrait of a man who refuses to move with the crowd.



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