Into the abyss (2011)Movie documentary review – Up close and personal with death row prisoners!

Very strange start to this documentary,a German documentary maker firing questions at a member of the church, about why god allows people to be murdered by the state after waiting on death row.


As an idea for a documentary, this is a fantastic one,what is clear from the start is the strange quality the maker of this piece brings ,the German accent sounds harsh at the best of times,add to the party a man looking through a window trying to express how he feels about only having days to live and you have a very unique cocktail of a film.

Werner Herzog seems to bring more anxiety than comfort to the inmate,that said they are in there for a reason so I wont be holding a pity party for them any day soon,one thing this documentary achieves very well is the showing of a man in isolation,then showing exactly what these death row inmates had done,the family of the deceased are interviewed along with the police,with each statement I found my disgust slowly growing for the the inmates.

There are elements of questions asked by Herzog that at times feel stupid and out-of-place,his tone becomes jovial at times which is disconcerting.

Overall its a good piece of work,an interesting insight into a horrible murder.



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