The Tall Man: Movie Review- Nothing is what it seems in this movie!

In the sleepy town of Cold Rock children have been going missing without a trace for a while; legend has it that a Tall Man is the culprit. Surrounded by hundreds of miles of Canadian wilderness the police find it hard to find any traces of the abductees. Cold Rock became a dilapidated town since work dried up, most of the town is boarded up and most of the folk have all been involved with someone who has been taken in the past. Julia (Jessica Biel) not wanting to believe the tall man myth, but still keeps her house quite tightly secured is the next victim of the town’s legend. Julia doesn’t let her son go without a fight; she tracks him down till she can’t fight no more.

Soon, the questions are being answered of the where a bout’s of the missing children!

I didn’t want to give anything away with synopsis of this movie; it would just ruin the whole thing for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I couldn’t believe the score it was given on imdb, it is much better that. This movie is not as straight forward as it appears; there are twist and turns all over the place. If you’re writing a review like I’m doing then you will start picking the bones out of it and find its faults, as a first time watcher  though I was rather surprised, you don’t get to many movie these days where you didn’t expect this and that to happen. I probably enjoyed this movie more as I didn’t have any expectation, my mind was spoiler free. So hopefully yours is too.




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