I Am Bruce Lee(2012): Movie Review- Documentary of the Legend!

Every couple of years someone takes it upon themselves to remind or teach us the way that Bruce Lee lived and the way he died. You’re never going to learn anything new with this documentary! There is nothing new to learn, Bruce died 40 years ago, I think if there was more to be told it would have been out long before now. What will never change is the suspicion of how he died so no matter what one expert will say to the next, no one will ever know, they never had the medical science or technology back then to decide the exact course. To this day it happens; people get taken at the peak of their powers.

You can see with this documentary and all others that have come and gone that Bruce left behind a legacy that will never be matched. What make this documentary so crisp and clean is that Pete McCormack brings in Lee’s wife and daughter to recount the memories of the husband and father respectively. They’re a mixture of celebs thrown in also, from the MMA world, sports, acting and even dance to explain why Bruce got under their skin and remained there for life.

I did question why some of the celebrities were chosen to tell us why Bruce influenced them through their careers? Then I understood why, Bruce lee infected a whole generation and will continue to infect the future one too

It was 40 years of documentaries cut crisp and clean, it always inspiring though listening to the stories.




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