The Bang bang club (2010) Movie review – A hatchet job on the South african accent

This is the role that certain actors take on once in while to prove they don’t like to play it safe,Ryan Phillippe of Cruel intentions is a decent actor,but he,like Dicaprio in Blood Diamond has failed to conquer the South African accent.

A bunch of photographers go into the bad lands of SA,they risk their lives taking photos of people being murdered and attacked.

The subject is interesting but the moral journey that the lead characters go on becomes rather mundane,the film has a need to keep reminding you of the effect this war has on the photographers which is obvious without the need to keep showing a mental breakdown.

I found myself more interested in the surroundings than the photographers,an OK film,but easily forgettable



2 thoughts on “The Bang bang club (2010) Movie review – A hatchet job on the South african accent”

  1. I disagree with you on the accent. I lived in South Africa and I was pleasantly surprised this time around. The movie did move a bit slowly, but the story is actually quite compelling if you know the history behind the events. Thanks for another good review!

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