Life in a Day: YouTube Movie Review

YouTube finally produced something that was worth watching. I’m not the biggest fan as you might have figured out with the opening sentence, yes; it’s a very useful website if you need a quick reference video, but to spend hours messing around on there, which I’ve heard people do, I couldn’t think of anything more pointless.

Life in a day is a very clever idea indeed. Advertise it on YouTube to be filmed on the 24th July 2010 if you’re a budding film maker or just simply in possession of a hand help camera. They were presented with 4,500 hours’ worth of footage from 192 countries. It was director Kevin McDonald who had the lengthy spell with a little help from producer Ridley Scott to pick what made the final cut.

There is a structure to the whole affair; it pretty much starts the day, from midnight to midnight. You witness many different cultures, I always find it exhilarating watching the way other countries go about their day. I read a review in which someone from the western world said they felt lucky compared to the way some people live. You should go out and view lower class living rather than comment about a documentary and you will see beauty in the unfortunate that you would never find in the western world.  There are some very sweet stories being told on this journey, there is also some very graphic footage, I would advise if you a little squeamish don’t eat your dinner while watching, especially if its beef.

This is a project that the photographers from National Geographic would have been proud off, as it looks like your flickering through one of their magazines.

A documentary unlike anything made before, with the help of the World Wide Web.




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