Spaceballs (1987) Movie review – It took me 25 years to see this movie…

I can’t believe it took me twenty-five years to see this movie,I have heard of it but I never had an urge to see it,I guess from the clips I had seen it looked a bit naff and dated,I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Rick Moranis had me laughing within the first few minutes with his character Dark helmet.

The humour is ridiculous but that’s kind of what makes it funny,if there was an oscar for best man playing a dog, John Candy would surely be the only winner and nominee.

Some of my favourite highlights was Yogurt merchandise,Dark Helmet changing his helmet to tanned with matching shirt and shorts,the short version of the marriage vows and John Hurts cameo.

I can see why people view this movie as a comedy classic





5 thoughts on “Spaceballs (1987) Movie review – It took me 25 years to see this movie…”

  1. Glad you finally got to see this movie! Just reading your post made me laugh because I recalled so much of it! As you said – ridiculous – but fun! 🙂

  2. This is a classic! Had this one on my HD player, and it’s a keeper. Saw this long time ago when I was a teen, now still laugh as hard!

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