Fuck up (2012) Movie review – I enjoy subtitled films,but not this one

I normally enjoy subtitled films,one because it demands your full attention to read and follow the plot and two because it lets you into a world of new cinema.

I found this movie because I wanted to know what Iben Hjejle was up to (she plays the girlfriend to Rob in High fidelity),great actress.

The movie is about a group of friends who grow up together and get up to no good,all the characters seemed interesting but the norwegian language must be hard to translate as the subtitles were placed on the screen for a flash of a second,I have never had problems following a subtitled film before but the Fuck up was a nightmare,up to ten words flashed across the screen and within a second a fresh batch were replaced,I found myself not looking at the action and instead just focusing on the subtitles which makes watching this film pointless,would be more enjoyable reading the screen play.

I turned off half way through as it was annoying me so much,the film looked good,but unless you have a photographic memory I would give it a miss



2 thoughts on “Fuck up (2012) Movie review – I enjoy subtitled films,but not this one”

  1. That can so ruin a movie. The subtitles most times aren’t done by the film makers but separate company for international distribution. Look them up in the credits and give them sh**. The best subtitles I’ve seen were in yellow block letters that you could read even in scenes wtih bright light.

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