I hate adverts !

May sound strange to declare my hatred for adverts as they have been in my life since I was born,but there is a reason,my mind cannot get away from them,I feel like I’m being attacked and stalked throughout most of my day.

Most mornings I will turn on the TV which is littered with crap,now it seems to be filled with poor people looking depressed,they have no money,but some bright company are willing to solve their money issues by offering them a loan at 1 million percent interest,the advert ends with the financially challenged couple laughing and dancing in the street,pretty much the opposite to how I’m feeling now,I opt for the laptop,I am sent a video by my friend,when I click, it sends me on to Youtube,before I see the video I am forced to watch a 30 second advert about a car,in opposition to this forced marketing I turn the volume off and mentally countdown the advert time in a vain attempt to stop this company injecting their product in to my brain.

I then flick onto a news website,within a few seconds a banner pops up at the bottom of the screen and automatically starts playing the latest release from the cinema,I am startled as for ten seconds I don’t know where this action packed advert is coming from until I drag my mouse to the bottom of the screen,I didn’t click the advert,it was planned to detonate a few seconds after I arrived on the site…

Another bullshi* advert, is the ones that don’t make any noise at all,a webpage just appears out of no were,it’s usually for a casino company or a dating site,they hide behind the webpage you are using,like you are going to see them and think,oh you have sneaked your way on to my computer,sure I wouldn’t mind using your service,when burglars sneak into my house, I always ask if they offer gardening services before calling the police.

Adverts have always been there but it seems they have realised that people are spending so much more time online that they need to infiltrate the masses with this atom bomb style marketing campaigns.

I find it depressing and classless,god bless the BBC.



3 thoughts on “I hate adverts !”

  1. The ones that irritate me the most are those that are plugged into sit-coms and movies. The book “50 Shades of Grey” was littered with them, probably planning for the revenue come movie time.

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