The Five Year Engagement: Movie Review- was this running at real time?

Was this really a Movie? Because by the end of it I felt like I had been through the whole affair! Unfortunately this is what you get with Jason Segal; he is a one trick pony. Jason is the Jennifer Aniston of the male world. He gets type casted, his characters are never tested, they are the same old stoner, happy go lucky guy that always needs kicking into gear by his girl or his friends.

One of this biggest problems here for me was the couple matching, it did not work at all. They were totally unbelievable as a screen couple. They never looked convincing enough when they were together. Emily Blunt was not right for this role, she is a fantastic actress, but rom coms do not suit her at all. I don’t agree with what some people say that she is not a leading lady! She will one day make the movie world say wow, “Emily Blunt was awesome” trust me.

When the scene came about where Emily and Alison were imitating Cookie and Elmo, the reviews made out they were like for like, well if this is the case! Then I look like Michael Jordan! And I’m whiter than white.

Same old problem which most people commented on is that the movie is too long, I was looking at the run time on my DVD player constantly after one hour and I’m sure someone was pausing it every time I blinked.

Emily will prove us wrong sometime in the future and Jason will be back for pretty much more of the same.




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