The Avengers (2012) Movie review – Good movie,Hulk still looks fake though

I grew up in wonderment at the likes of Spiderman,Captain America and my favourite,the Incredible hulk,as I have gotten older my interests naturally waned, but this is one of the superhero movies that I was interested in,the royal rumble of all superhero movies.


I wasn’t impressed with the bad guy in this movie,Loki ?, sounds like a character from the movie Labyrinth,I know this name comes from the original comic book, but he speaks with a silver spoon wedged into his mouth and carries a zero score in the bad ass department.

Captain America –

Played by Chris Evans,he’s a decent actor who plays a man transported from war time,he does well in this role,and overall is likeable without bursting out of the screen.

Iron man –

Probably one of the best characters for his witt aswell as his powers.

Thor –

I found him annoying, but he was talking tripe half the time so it would have been hard to warm to him.

And finally to my favourite character of all,

The Hulk –

Mark Ruffalo is an accomplished actor who brings a level of depth to the Hulk,I still do not enjoy the CGI Hulk,sometimes he looks around 8ft tall,and then in different angles is looks 20ft tall,I see this as poor quality control and I put the blame in the lap of the director, Joss Whedon,the two Hulk movies before this, both made the same mistake,the hulk looks anything but realistic,out of the three attempts I would rate this version as the best, but I still think there could be a lot of improvement.

I enjoyed the film,with so many characters it creates a steady flow of interest throughout.



A good blog and answers about why Superman,Batman and Spiderman are not in the avengers movie –

7 thoughts on “The Avengers (2012) Movie review – Good movie,Hulk still looks fake though”

  1. I really can’t wait for The Avengers to come out, I agree Loki is such a tool. I felt the same way about him in Thor, he seemed so weak in both. Not great qualities in a super-villain but we’re not supposed to root for him anyway, right? My coworker at Dish and I were talking about who is better in the movie, we can’t decide between Iron Man and Captain America. I’ve already added The Avengers to my Blockbuster @ Home queue so I can demonstrate to my coworker why Iron Man is better with popcorn at a movie night!

  2. I think, given they needed a reason to pull these guys together to begin with, Loki was a perfect choice for the first villain. His background was already well developed from Thor, so you got to spend the time needed to fully develop the Avengers as a team and not just a group of random weirdos who happen to save the world on occasion. Pulling in a new, bad ass villain would have take away from the story of the Avengers themselves, which is what the movie is really about.

    Of course, Loki is a tool. He was raised as a prince and got pissy when the real heir to the thrown was given the crown. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it Loki’s fault the crown had to be passed on anyway? He’s a whiny, baby trying to break his brothers new toys in a fit of jealousy. Nothing more. He served his purpose and watching him get slammed around by Hulk was HILARIOUS!

    I hadn’t previously noticed the difference in the scale to which Hulk is portrayed. I wasn’t looking for it, but I will have to watch it again.

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