12 angry men (1957) Movie review – Some of the smartest writing to ever make it onto film.

I love this movie,I first watched it around ten years ago and it blew me away,when someone recommends a film  from 1957,your first reaction is to think they are winding you up,within the first five minutes you are engrossed in the story and realise there is no wind up.

The film is set in a court-house,and even more accurately,the jury’s room,if you are looking for action and gun shots this movie is not for you,but if you want to see twelve fine actors all come together to work out if a young man is innocent, then treat yourself to 12 angry men,the writing is outstanding,the only disappointment is when the film ends.



11 thoughts on “12 angry men (1957) Movie review – Some of the smartest writing to ever make it onto film.”

  1. I bought this a few months ago and have been waiting to watch it again until after finishing Sidney Lumet’s book Making Movies. I may just have to skip to the end so I can watch this again. Fantastic film.

  2. I agree – great film. I need to watch it again. I had a favorite moment that I can’t fully recall right now – a long take when one of the characters displays his prejudice (against youth? I’m not sure) in an extended speech, and finally EG Marshall simply tells him to “Be quiet,” and I think the speaker doesn’t talk again for the entire film.

  3. Incredible. 12 guys in a room, talking, and one’s interest never flags. Puts most modern films to shame. Hey, be careful with that switchblade, Hank!! : )

  4. Excellent movie for sure. Put 12 people in a room and the personalities are the story. See the IFC produced film Exam for a different take on being cooped up and the psychology that comes to bare. It’s on Netflix.

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