The Hunter (2011) Movie review – Tried to be different but came up short

I have to applaud the makers of this film for trying to do something a bit different from the norm,Willem Dafoe plays a mercenary who is paid to catch the last remaining Tasmanian tiger.

The landscape and the backdrop to the movie are beautiful,the natural fog and rain seem to bring a layer of mystery to the story.

On arrival to the island, Dafoe’s character is not welcomed by the locals,he finds out that he is not the first person to chase the tiger,and that previous trackers have suffered at the hands of locals and other parties at work.

I enjoyed the movie,but I found that it asked a lot of questions that never really got answered,when the movie was trying to build tension,or make you care about what would be an emotional rollercoaster for most people,this movie tended to make light of the situation or not explore the human reaction behind such events,which left me feeling unsatisfied.



2 thoughts on “The Hunter (2011) Movie review – Tried to be different but came up short”

  1. Hi KO. Good to know you liked the movie.

    That’s exactly how the movie is meant to be–cold, listless. It wasn’t making light of the situation, rather it wasn’t being loud and portrayed the inner turmoil of the hunter in a subtle manner: man v/s nature v/s ‘his own nature’.

    The questions were purposely left unanswered. Actually, if one looks closely, the questions were answered, but those answers are for the viewers to arrive at through their own pondering. This is how literature is meant to be and The Hunter is a fine example of that.

  2. When I say making light,I was refering to the death of the mother and child,there was hardly a reaction from the Dafoe’s character,I dont think the relationship between the family and the dafoe were explored enough,hence when they died it didn’t seem like a big deal,I put this down to bad writing or bad screen play.

    I also felt there was more behind the anger of the locals,their anger seemed to extend further than strangers coming to their jobless town.

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