The Expendables 2: Movie Review

When the project was first rumoured to be happening all those years ago, I really didn’t want it to happen. I understand why they want their last shining moments before the curtain is dropped on their eventful careers. It just wasn’t going to be too much fun seeing these old friends try and preform the way they used to. The first movie was ok though, what it said on the label, is what you got inside, no nonsense action!

There was always going to be another, we knew that even before the 1st got released. This time though we were getting bigger and older stars of the past.

Right off the bat this movie doesn’t mess around getting straight into the action, what you get with these guys now is the older they get, the bigger their guns are. Of course they don’t have the ability to throw themselves around like they used to, so there has to be a substitute. I went into this movie just to have some good fun with some old pals and that’s what I got. Yes of course there will be no nomination at the Oscars this year, unless they have a new category for best 80’s connoisseur and if so it’s sure has to go to Chuck Norris, who still looks the same as when he played in Missing In Action 30 years ago. Not everyone is over the hill; there is a mixture of guys such as the Stath who is the new action man, who in general is probably the best actor of them all, only because he has time on his side. 20 years ago though he wouldn’t have stood a chance with the likes of Arnie and sly. Sly still fancies himself as a top boy, he need to cease the chemicals and be a little more like Arnie, chilled out and accept that he is old now.  Lundgren’s character was my favourite this time around; his lines are not as predictable as the others. You can pretty much guess who will appear next and what’s going to happen all the way through.

All in all a goodnight out with old friends you grew up with.




3 thoughts on “The Expendables 2: Movie Review”

  1. Great review – and Dolph Lundgren was fantastic on the Empire Podcast a few weeks ago. Clearly a few AK-47’s short of a weapons cache, but hilarious with it. Perhaps understandably, he does a brilliant Arnie impression.

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