Bottom is back on the TV,after 20 years ? Rik mayall and Adrian Edmonson are back!

Just heard the news and reports that Bottom is due back on the telly,it’s been twenty years and as well as being excited I’m also asking the question why,their show was a cult classic followed by many teenagers and adults who enjoyed naughty / crazy humour back in the 90’s.

They ended this cycle by performing several live shows spreading over a decade,near the end there didn’t seem to be much gas in the tank,the jokes were just recycled and they reverted to planning cock ups on stage,I really hope I’m wrong but if this is just a retirement cash injection for the lads, the audience will be left as disappointed as they were at their last live show.

The new show is based on a desert island which was their funniest live performance.

The episode Accident is below, Richard Richard and Eddie Hitlers at their best –

Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayall


2 thoughts on “Bottom is back on the TV,after 20 years ? Rik mayall and Adrian Edmonson are back!”

  1. Anyone who has any type of success, is always chasing that high again. Let’s just hope they don’t make fools of themselves. I love Ricks adeverts though” BANG ON”.

  2. I think if they were going to do it,it would have made sense to put them in a home,or alteast an venue which was at a slower pace,from memory Eddy was swinging from trees the last time they did the island show,I will epect it to be shit and hope to be surprised.

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