Swansea v West ham – match report – 25/8/12

Swansea 3 West ham 0

Well I feel like drinking an ocean of Jack Daniels after this performance,for some reason I was confident going into the game,but on reflection I am not sure what our game plan was or if we had a plan B.

West ham were always going to concede possession but at times it was men vs boys out there,we gave away two poor goals and then seemed to react like a gazelle already in the grips of a crocodiles grip,we gave up and refused to kick,the rest of the game was wished away by the W’H players,just think how the poor fans must be feeling who were at the game.

I sincerely hope this is a blip in our season.


3 thoughts on “Swansea v West ham – match report – 25/8/12”

  1. The Hammers are the new kids on the block, and everyone wants to fight the new kids to prove their worth. Swansea definitely looks deadly after two games, and may even take games away from the big teams. This league has some hidden gems that will stir up the EPL. If I were a Hammer, I’d say to keep believing. All three teams that came up from the league under stayed in the EPL and provided a heck of a fight when they came, (albeit Norwich and QPR look god-awful at the moment). It’s been a while for WHU, so maybe they just need to settle in. I love seeing the EPL stirred up, so I would love to see WHU stay for another round.

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