McVicar (1980) Movie review – Good story but I cant stand Roger Daltrey

I can’t give a valid reason of why I can’t stand Roger Daltrey or The Who,well I’ll try,I find the band’s music blaze and Roger’s acting has less life than a wooden chair.

Back to this story/film and it’s an interesting true story based on John McVicars life,he escaped several times from prison having been convicted of robbery.

The prison surroundings seem remarkably camp,there doesn’t seem to be any real danger and the inmates seem to spend a lot of time dancing in front of the telly,I can’t imagine this being a true reflection of the times.

It’s always nice when you spot a star from hit movies such as Steven Berkoff,(Beverly Hills cop)

He puts in a convincing performance and brings the only real feel of danger to the movie.

I find this movie frustrating,Daltrey is one reason but the other, being the fact that McVicars story becomes very interesting when years later he is released on parole after educating himself inside,he manages to break into a national newspaper and becomes an established reporter,the film decides to omit this and instead just tell you via the credits at the end.



Watch the movie for free via Youtube –

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