The king of the kickboxers (1990) Movie review – Bad on so many levels

I remember seeing this as a kid,I am sure even back then I knew this was an awful movie.

The …story ; An American kickboxer beats a local Thai boxer,after celebrating with his brother in the ring he is followed by the only black man in Thailand who happens to also be the best fighter and killer,he kills the American,several years later the little brother grows up.. into a smarmy twat in my opinion.

The brother needs someone to train him up,as there was no old men around the casting director decided to give the master role to a guy in his mid 20’s,who is washed up because he likes a drink,or does he ?

Training follows with big tree’s flying through the air,lots of disapproving looks and then some approving looks by the master.

It ends with a man saying,”Run,the police are here” a hundred men arrive dressed in army uniforms,oh well I guess they must have been cheaper,the police this fire off a rocket launcher into a jungle with hundreds of trees around,the reason for this,there was none but at least the movie ended with a bang and a snog.

The acting is terrible throughout,the fight scenes are so bad you could fit a basket ball between were the fist and the cheek are supposed to be touching.



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