Why the hell would you want to move to the UK – EU migration

Lets start with some facts about the UK,last year there was over 250,000 cases of unsocial behavior,most of this resulting from the booze culture which in some neighbourhoods starts from as young as 9 years old.

Over 75,000 violent assaults,not to mention that a lot of assaults go unreported due to the police and courts dishing out feather like sentences.

There are over 2.6 million people registered as unemployed,some people in work have been forced to take on two or three part time jobs, to revert from living off the government.

Having been through my own hellish nightmare with the UK visa system, I have ventured into the background of the EU citizens migrating to the UK for a better life.

500,00 Polish people who have moved here since 2004, are they here for the benefits and the NHS ?(free hospital treatment),well no one could argue with the NHS argument but then a lot of youngsters from Poland come here to do a job that most Brits would prefer not to do in the first place,Factory jobs,Building work,hotel staff….

The cry from many middle class people is to slam the immigrants for taking ” their” jobs,even though they would never consider doing them in a million years.

Since 2004,  34,000 UK citizens emigrated to other countries in the EU,guaranteed the majority of these people are retired couples, as youngsters in Britain do not have a pot to piss in,with the unlikely outcome of young people being issued with a mortgage, this statistic is not going to change any day soon.

It’s also been reported that there are just under one million illegal immigrants living in the UK,they cannot work legally so instead turn to the illegal work; drug dealing counterfeiting,prostitution,you name it.

When the police catch an illegal, all he can do is arrest him and then release him/her, unless they find a passport,how crazy and stupid is this rule.

I find it strange and annoying when you get people from England complaining about Polish people coming here and ”nicking our jobs”,If you speak to the directors of these companies they now prefer Polish workers,they are on time,dont moan or take a high amount of sick days , compared to the spoilt Brit who would prefer to exude the least amount of effort and still get a full days pay.

These overseas workers still have to pay tax on all their earnings and do not qualify for benefits until after a period of time.

Family members joining from outside the EU –

Teresa May has taken a cold-hearted approach to immigration in the UK,there are many avenues you could go down to stop undesirables entering the country,instead she had made it a class issue and not human or a correct decision,the conservatives could easily squash the right to benefit until you have reached a certain tax level,instead she has brought in minimum threshold of £18600,meaning that if you partner is settled in the UK you can not join them even if you have children together,they still want your tax from the money you earn but they are not interested in your right to family,or Teresa May is not interested in the effect this will have on millions of family’s,the result will be lots of broken marriages and children growing up with out one of their parents,which in the long run will cause that child to grow up without the love and nurturing that he naturally requires resulting in a bleak future for this country in the long run.

To stop the rot, why not abolish all benefits unless you qualify,the over 65’s,the disabled… the people who really need the benefit,with the savings they could invest in making England an attractive place for companies to start-up by offering tax breaks or incentives to create the extra jobs required.

When my personal nightmare is over and I am financially comfortable, I would not hesitate in looking to live in another country,the rest of the EU respects the right to family,it’s only the UK which thinks this is a overrated right.


2 thoughts on “Why the hell would you want to move to the UK – EU migration”

  1. Well. For us Italians UK is still a place where you could find a good job for what you’ve been studied here in the hell of a country in the South (great country I’d say but broke). Thanks for your ideas!

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