Deadline (2012) Movie review – Such an average movie

The acting is distinctly average and the written dialogue is very unnatural.

A reporter is contacted about a black boy who was murdered 20 years ago,when he goes to investigate he smells a cover up.

The story and the characters are so dull that the writer tries to jam your brain with layers of stories,(1)the boy’s death,(2)the reporters angry fiancée who wants to organise her wedding,(3)the reporters father who is dying of cancer,(4)a rich girl defying her daddy and a(5) town run by a corrupt police department,not forgetting(6) a rape shoved in there for good measure,in the end not one of these stories grip you, and you are stuck in a slow dredge of a movie.

Eric Roberts should have been the lead, instead he is wasted playing an old weird man and we get stuck with a guy(Steve Talley) who has as much charisma as a stuffed donkey.




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