The Philly Kid: Movie Review

Ever since the UFC has become mainstream there has been an influx of movies trying to portray the life of a cage fighter and the different skills they need to possess to be successful. As always like all martial art movies over the years the characters are always down on their luck guys with not much to lose and one big win will turn their life back around and they can live happily ever after. Well don’t get too excited, because we have pretty much more of the same here.

Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s? We had martial art movies coming out on a regular basic. Most of them were like this movie, B movies. They had low budgets, bad acting and rubbish props, but you know what?  I bloody loved them. They were everything I wanted to be when I was 10 years old! So, am I saying you have to be 10 to enjoy this flick? No you don’t, as a B movie martial art goes the acting is not as awful as you may think, sure there wasn’t any memorable dialogue, but the fight scenes were very good, they were not your standard trade for trade knuckle exchanges and fancy flying kicks, it was more for the wrestling and Jujitsu fans.  Is there any future though for these arts in the movies that don’t comprise of a ring? I doubt it very much! It’s hard to transverse these skill into movie choreography that makes it look cool.

The story has been told many times before in some form or other. Go in expecting nothing and you probably will come out feeling the same. That’s better than some of the stuff I’ve seen of late!



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