Groundhog Day(1993) Movie review – Bill Murray is the god of sarcasm

I fell in love with Bill Murray when I saw Ghost busters as a kid,back when I was ten,I presumed he was just a cool character,but having seen so many movies over the years I have come to really appreciate how special and funny Bill is.

The general Joe out there does not walk round with a smile on his face,with the stress of life or whatever is on your mind,most people rarely laugh when they are surrounded by stangers or co workers, its always a minor victory to place the perfect sarcastic comment,in the most unthinkable situations.

Bill is the master of sarcasm,he delivers his humour to people with such dead pan delivery that people who do not pick up the humour just presume he is weird or odd.

Groundhog day is a fantastic movie,if you had to play out the same day,everyday ,what would you do,no consequences,no tomorrow,no worries!

Some great quotes :

After finishing his drink at the bar,Hey can I have another one of these but with some booze in it!

[Driving down the railroad tracks toward an approaching train]
Phil: I’m betting he’s going to swerve first.

Phil: I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a espresso or cappuccino?
Mrs. Lancaster: [confused look] Oh, I don’t know…
Phil: [turns away, to self] … how to /spell/ espresso or cappuccino.




Hard time – A Brit in Americas toughest prison(book review) – refreshing point of view from an every man!

Sean Attwood was a successful kid who was brought up in the UK by a loving family.

He eventually emigrated to Arizona,became successful in his line of work and rewarded himself with sport cars and wild rave parties,with drugs being a crucial element of his mental release, Sean eventually got involved with setting up a drugs dealing network.

Most of these prison stories are normally the same,a bad egg tells his story and boasts about how he became the boss or done some one over,I enjoyed Attwoods story,mainly because he is Mr average,he is not tough,doesn’t pretend to be,and explains in detail how he is always seconds away from shitting himself when surrounded by people trying to punk him.

This book originates from a blog he started,and has developed into this book.

It’s a real page turner,Seans anxiety jumps off the page and into your stomach.

I highly recommend this book.



The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across The 8th Dimension(1984)- A late night TV treat for the mentally deranged

I was listening to  smoviemaker by Kevin Smith a few days ago. It’s a podcast where he interviews either a director or the cast of a show of time gone by, not always dating back this long ago, he does recent’s as well. There’s a double recommendation for you, if you enjoy finding out the ins and out of a movie then this is a fun podcast.

I’m guessing this is an age thing, the younger generation will find this movie hard going. I feel for the kids being brought up in the CGI world, “why?” Because they missed out on the effort people had to go through to make special effects, sets were intentionally built for a scene, so what you were looking at actually was real interaction and not some actor standing alone in front of a green sheet of paper.

What makes this movie stand the test of time was the directors vision, I can only imagine what people were thinking back then. Maybe what I was thinking the first time I watched the Twelve Monkeys, ” abnormally brilliant”. The actors are  well-known and all put in great shifts. Specially John Lithgow who we have seen over the years play every role and is convincing in most, bad guys, good guys, serious guy and comedy nut job, this guy can to do it all.

Of course it all looks  predated and cheap, I’m guessing the 620k 28 years ago is the equal of a 250 million movie of today. So the tidy profit of 6 million has it up there as a huge success.

Just a nice memory lane of how we used to do shit in the movie world



Ted:Movie Review – Spoiler free

To be totally honest there is not a great deal to spoil with Ted. The whole story can be told on one side of a business card, while using large lettering. So can Seth MacFarlane transverse from TV animation to the silver screen? Of course he can, because he is using Peter Griffin as his safety blanket. I’m not showing any disrespect to the movie as I found it quiet funny. It was pretty similar humor to the Family Guy, in the way that after a while the jokes wear a bit thin.

Mark Wahlberg for me can be  frustrating at times, deep down i’m rooting for him most of the times, very to often though he lets me down. Here he plays the part well enough. I had my trepidations at first after his last attempt of a comedy with The Good guys, ” don’t worry this is painless compared to that tripe”.

Mila Kunis play the love interest, and like any good love interest in this type of movie who cares if she can act, because she was looking fine.

When I came out I heard the words hilarious being muted.I think some people use these type of words as their go to place because they’re not imaginative enough to respond quickly. The movie was a giggle at best and made me smile at times.