Hick(2011) Movie review – Adventure seeking girl,decent movie!

It’s the story of a girl growing up in her teens with the support? of her trash can parents.

The characters are finely presented and intelligently delivered on-screen,so often in movies today the characters are one-dimensional,it’s a breath of fresh air to be treated to the opposite.

An interested adventure of the mind as well as the road.

Chloë Grace Moretz is outstanding as the girl,she has fun with the camera and beams a natural glow than would make any story believable.



Cape fear -1962 (Movie review)- The De Niro version is better but this aint bad

You can’t really beat the original of any movie,it gives birth to something new and anything after can only be classed as a decent modern copy.

The key to this movie is the performance of Robert Mitchum,I found myself comparing him against De Niro throughout as its one of De Niro’s finest appearances.

Mitchum plays the role to perfection,I think playing a bad guy can become a bit of a cliché in some movies but Mitchum really stands alone in this,he has no life behind his eyes and I am sure if someone checked for a heartbeat they would have struggled to find one,his performance alone is fuelled by pure evil and revenge; he walks at a slow pace throughout which is only matched my his dialogue which is creepy and always delivered with unusual slow pitch.

Funny mention:Telly Savalas has hair in this movie!

If we are comparing then Nick Nolte wins hands down with his battle against Gregory Peck,at times Peck seems like he has learnt his lines but has failed to show any emotion to match.

The only thing that lets this movie down is the Charlie Chaplin like stunts and $1 dollar effects department,considering this was made in 1962 I think they can be forgiven.



The conservatives ban traditional workers from having families

People in Britain who cannot afford to have their non EU spouse or children live with them.

David Cameron and Teresa May have banned the following people from having families because they earn below the £18,600 immigration threshold.

Army recruits


Hotel managers


Market traders



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Question:Now what kind of headline would wake up the sleepy British Sun/Daily Mail Reader to the plight of those affected by bad immigration rules?
Answer: the above hypothetical headline!

Its ok I havent gone all right wing on you but,  I was seriously wondering why the press has not run with this news story about families and relationships being destroyed by HM Govt. and I forgot……The story of love, marital happiness and having children within wedlock doesnt really catch the attention of the Bill Boards that your average white van man reads.  We all know the recipe for a good news story always has a few key words and so here is my answer to this: Our message needs the keywords: Terrorists Peodophiles, Rapists,Murderers, EU dole Scroungers, Criminals and general dole scroungers

It didnt take long to find an angle and I pride myself as a honorary writer for the Daily Mail for my journalisitic skills (or should I say googling!!) that investigated the facts that back up my shocking headline.

It is true that All Prisoners in UK Jails are entitled to familiy visits every 14 days and if that visitor happens to be on benefits they have rights to the following expenses for them and their accompanying children taken from the CAB website: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/scotland/law_s/law_legal_system_s/law_prisoners_s/information_for_prisoners_and_their_families_scotland.htm#prison_visits

You can obtain help from the APVU for a visit as soon as someone is imprisoned. It will pay for an assisted visit every 14 days. If the prison governor agrees it is necessary, it may also be possible to get financial help with the cost of extra visits, for example, if the prisoner is seriously ill.
You can claim the following expenses:-
• travel by public transport. Taxi fares will only be allowed if there is no public transport and no transport provided by the prison, or if taxi fares would be cheaper than public transport, or if there is a medical reason
• travel by private car or motorbike, if this can be justified, for example, if there is no suitable public transport, or if you have a number of small children
• if the journey cannot be completed in a day, you can claim for the cost of bed and breakfast. You may need evidence from the prison that an overnight stay is necessary
• meals, if you are going to be away from home for more than five hours
• all costs of taking dependent children including travel, meals and overnight accommodation, where necessary. If you are taking a prisoner’s child on a visit and child care can be paid.

So I am not saying that the prisoners are not entitled to this government support – it is after all their LEGAL HUMAN RIGHT.  But I am not sure if I can swallow this information knowing that those of you suffering because of Theresa May’s actions are innocent and guilty of only one thing – Loving your husband, wife and children and happen to be earning less than £18,400k per annum – the UK minimum wage being roughly £11k (off the top of my head).

So where do the EU dole scroungers come into this??  Well correct me if I am wrong but an EU citizen living in the UK is not covered by our law but EU law. So if they happen to be on the dole and want their for Russian husband, just as an example to join them which is highly possible as parts or the EEA are next to Russia they do not have to satisfy the minimum earning requirement??   If I am wrong please show me the evidence and I will remove EU dole Scrounger.

By the way I am using the terms that the Sun or Daily Mail would use to give you a feel for the way in which this story could be angled to gain the attention of the white van driving populous that read said journalistic delights.

I just want to say if you are on any type of state entitlement I mean no offence and wish you all the best with what ever situation you are having to deal with, life is never easy and I wish better days for everyone.

So I hope you can see what I am trying to expose here, because when it comes to the inevitable court cases that will overturn these illconceived policies. I hope our legal eagles will be able to argue that HM Government and Theresa May afford more rights to convicted killers to see their spouse or family than the innocent victims of this policy.  Infact the government goes one further – they pay for hotel accomodation, meals, child care and taxis to ensure that the rights of prisoners to have a family life and spouse are protected!

Why I hear you ask?  Because the government know that there is law that protects the interests of prisoners based on human rights legislation. The exact legislation that they seem to not want to afford to those who want to bring their husband, wife, children in to the UK who do not earn the £18,400 + ( and that’s not forgetting the near £1k that these visas cost to apply for – most people are shocked to find out this fact as they never think about it).

Its comforting to know that Theresa May has her priorities right when it comes to affording British Citizens with rights. I do hope she includes a question in the “Life in the UK” test about what benefits you are entitled to if you are imprisoned for Rape, Murder, child abuse or terrorism and you are a father, mother or husband or wife.

I love the question about our Constitutional Monarchy myself – I think after researching all of the above I prefer to say that as a British Citizen I live in a Constitutional Hypochrisy!

From the Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/BritsAgainstFamilyExile/posts/420940904620457

Come to Britain, come to stay
Unless you’re brown, then go away.
But if you have a lot of dosh
Can say in English “I am posh”
Permission granted. Love Mrs May.

The Labour party respond to the conservatives heartless migration ruling.

In July Teresa May and the conservative party decided to announce a price for love,this price is £18,600,($30,000)if you have not been earning this amount you are no longer to see your wife or child,the following is a recent response by the labour party.

I have just received this e-mail from frontbench@new.labour.org.uk: Good afternoon Thank you for your email on new family migration rules; I apologise for the delay in coming back to you. The Labour Party cannot take direct action on behalf of individuals and recommend if you need specific case advice, to contact your MP. I thought it worth clarifying our position on this important piece of legislation nonetheless. …

At a time when our national finances are hard-stretched, we believe that it is only fair that anyone wanting to bring someone new to this country should be able to prove that they will not be a burden on the state. However, we believe that simply taking income as an indicator of someone’s ability to support their spouse is unreliable. After all, especially in today’s climate, someone on £40,000 today could all too easily be earning nothing tomorrow. So the taxpayer may still being exposed. In addition, in a world where far more people travel abroad and have friends overseas, there is a danger that such a policy could be unfair on those of modest incomes who genuinely fall in love overseas, perhaps with a high earner whose income won’t count under Government plans.
That’s why it might be fairer and more effective to insist that anyone sponsoring a partner into this country deposits a financial bond, which would be used to protect the taxpayer and meet any unforeseen costs that might be incurred, and which would be redeemable after a fixed period. Yet the Government didn’t even consult on this option. The Government needs to be honest about migration, only make promises they can keep, and sort out the mess of illegal immigration at Britain’s borders. Thank you for contacting us on this important issue. With kind regards Frontbench Communications Team On behalf of the Labour Party 1 Brewer’s Green | London | SW1H 0RG www.labour.org.uk
A recent letter sent to the conservatives –
I have got a meeting with my local MP next week as a result of this letter I sent a few weeks ago,it seems to have touched a nerve….
Hello Mark,Can you please tell me your thoughts on the following.Since July Teresa May has brought in a spouse threshold of £18,600,this means at present that my wife and son are not allowed to live with me until I reach this level.You responded with a generic response that has been sent to everyone affected by this.The element that I think has been forgotten by your party is the effect this will have on your unemployment levels.

I have just given up two taxable jobs to go and spend a few months with my son and wife in Asia.

When my small savings are spent outside of the UK I will return to the UK to look for work,I cannot work in Asia as I do not have a degree to teach,I can work illegally in my wife’s country but If I am caught I will be deported back to the UK,so I have no option but to work in the UK,save some money and then return to my wife and child in Asia,each time I return to the UK I will claim job seekers and housing benefit,this is the best part of £1000 a month.this may be for a few months or if the jobs market is not great it could be six months.

This cycle will continue for my family each time I return to the UK without them unless this new threshold is lowered and I can pay my own way for my family which is all I want to do.

The stats show that there are 15,000 families affected by this new rule,that means that the tax payer in the UK will pick up the tab for the best part of £15 million.

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The Tall man (2012) Movie review – Most underrated movie of the year.

A small run down town has been plagued with a man known as the ”tall man” he steals people’s children and they are never seen again,some folks in the town believe this is a myth,some do not.

Having watched movies with a critical eye for over twenty years I can safely say that I would have never have guessed the direction of this film,each time I got comfortable in knowing what was happening, my chair began to spin and the movie moved into a new direction.

This is a very dangerous skill to get right in a movie,a lot of the time there are double bluffs or obvious clues to throw you off the scent,not in this movie, last thing you could call this movie is cliché,great movie.



Red lights (2012) Movie review – It’s a decent ”do people really speak to the dead” movie

I was expected this to be total garbage,I was pleasantly surprised…

Psychologist Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver) and her side kick (Cillian Murphy) teach at the local university when they are not testing people’s claims to be able to speak to the other side.

The movie is original in the sense that it explores area’s of uncertainty and moves from case to case proving psychic characters wrong,that is until they come across a psychic that has fewer people doubting him.

This is probably Robert De niro’s best film in ten years,the story is interesting and his character has many sides,more than that,it’s the first time De niro has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up since he played a nutter in Cape fear.


As much as I enjoyed this new direction and topic, the movie really falls to the ground like a pack of cards near the end,it tries to be to clever,the foreplay up until the last ten minutes of the film was great,but it was like teasing a women with orgasm’s in the bar,then lasting two minutes in the bedroom when you got back to hers,the only people who climaxed in this movie was the writers of this ending,it just ruined what would have been a good movie in my opinion.



Bill Bailey – Dandelion mind tour (review) I like Bill but after 20mins…

Let me say that I have always found Bill Bailey funny,he has a quirky sense of humour which you could relate to the village idiot / weirdo.

To date he has enjoyed success as a panel host on Never mind the buzzcocks,the Blackbook TV series and the movie Hot Fuzz.

I think in the TV and movie work Bill shines because he appears on-screen for a few minutes at a time and is supported by a straight cast.

With Bill’s stand up it feels quite painful after 20 minutes,his jokes are funny but they don’t leave an imprint on you when the show ends,in fact if I think back now I cannot remember a single joke,his comedy seems very safe and at no point offensive to anyone,he does not have an agenda or a message,I am not saying this is a must to be funny but his whole show felt like circuit training at the gym…

1,start off with some fluffy jokes

2,Sing a funny song on the keyboard

3,Pick up the guitar

4,Some more fluffy jokes

5,Back to the keyboard…..

This circuit continues until the viewer finally feels exhausted.

I hope Bill sticks to his TV and Movie work,he does not have enough sold material to do a show for over an hour.



What can I drink when I am on a low carb diet….

I am not going to partake in any drinking for a few weeks as I am detoxify my body.

After a few weeks of water and Sprite light only, my lips will be whistling for beer or Wine,but which ones are the best for you ? or less likely to burst the belly back open….

What Can I Drink?

  • If you drink beer, consider a light beer. If you enjoy mixed drinks, consider  sugar-free juices or blending the alcohol with water instead. The goal is to cut  carbohydrate intake.

Beer and Wine

  • For those who prefer an ice cold beer, lower carbohydrate versions will  contain 5 grams, or less. These beers contain less than 5 grams of  carbohydrates: *Amstel Light *Michelob Ultra *Bud Select *Miller  Light *Corona Light *Coors Light In addition, wine is also a fine  choice. Sticking with the drier varieties cuts out some of the more sugary  selections. Many low carb wine varieties will contain fewer than 7 grams of  carbohydrates, this is fairly commonplace. As aforementioned, only the sweeter  Zinfandel’s, blush wines or dessert wines will exceed your low-carb  budget.

Mixed Drinks and Liquor

  • Those of you who prefer a mixed drink, or a shot on the rocks will find that  distilled alcohol, alcohol in its pure form, contains zero carbohydrates. So,  enjoying a smooth whiskey on the rocks is, by low-carb dieting standards, the  best you can do. Straight liquor becomes tricky when it is mixed with sugary  fruit juices or soda; this is what should be avoided or limited. Low-carb  options include: Liquors- *Vodka *Gin *Whiskey *Rum *Tequila Mixers- *Diet Soda *Club Soda *Water *Lime/Lemon  Juice *Dry Vermouth

Know Your Limit

  • Understanding how the low-carb diet works is integral to your success. In  addition, knowing when to call it quits at the bar will save you some time on  the treadmill; not to mention, a headache in the morning. Knowing the science  behind the diet makes decisions at the bar that much easier, and healthier. The crux of this  diet is simple: burn more calories than you take in. So, if you tend to enjoy  libations at, say, a Friday night happy hour, stick with the low-carb varieties.  If your goal is to limit your carbohydrate intake from alcoholic beverages to 20  grams, consume no more than four beers, two mixed drinks or one bottle of  wine.

    Its also been reported that Corona beer contains only 5 carbs per bottle.

    YUMMY !

Read more:  What Alcohol Can One Drink on a Low Carb Diet? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5097534_alcohol-drink-low-carb-diet.html#ixzz27DoQqYVg