Thai lady feeds herself to the crocodiles….

A Thai lady in Bangkok has fed herself to the attractions at the crocodile zoo.

The depressed women who was suffering from depression as a result of her money worries took a trip to the zoo,and was reported by the workers to have jumped into the crocodile pit without warning.

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5 thoughts on “Thai lady feeds herself to the crocodiles….”

  1. holy moses! that takes some super duper depression and guts to do..jump into a crocodile pit! I do smell something fishy though…it could have been an accident or murder…there would have been so many simpler ways for her to kill herself…why choose something so horrifying!

  2. If she were on some kind of antidepressant this would make sense. We in the states are bombarded with adverts about drugs “ask your doctor”, and antidepressants all come with the side effect of suicide “may cause nausea, vomiting, depression, thoughts of suicide” etc.

  3. If I was to hazard a guess I would say shame would be the number one reason,the class system is like no other in Thailand,you are either rich, middle class or you are a dog,I think this lady may have had enough of the constent struggle and status.I agree about the western outlook on medicine,people dont consider the side effects,they trust their doctor which now days is not always a good thing.

  4. Reblogged this on Queen Bee Esther and commented:
    Oh my! Depression is much more serious than we all think it as. Please continue to encourage people to live life to their fullest no matter what. Go out of the way to tell someone how much they are loved, they have a nice smile, they are looking nice today because you never know what could happen next. What would have happened if someone had encouraged this lady!? Love is the key!

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